Ash Hardwoord

About Ash Hardwood

Ash is single olive family tree, naturally growing in Lithuania. Tree is fast growing, resilient to common diseases and vermins. It rarely exceeds 250~300 years of age.

Wood used by us is grown, cut and milled in Lithuania. All blocks are made only from new wood - reclaimed or otherwise used wood is not fit to be used in toys.


Why I'm making cubes from Ash wood?

  • Texture of Ash is highly visible, interesting and nice - allmost every block is unique.
  • The color of the wood ranges from light, creamy to darker, deeper light brown tones. If you'd like to receive lighter or a bit deeper in color cubes, let me know by leaving a comment while placing order. I'll do my best to arange it :)
  • Ash is hardwood and its mechanical properties are similar to the ones of White Oak. Wood is dense, strong and a bit on a heavier side.
  • Wood has its own, unique smell, which is really nice and not too strong.

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