About us

Hedgehog from the Forest (or "Ežys miške" in Lithuanian) is a very very small company, at a spare time making unique wooden toys and other wooden stuff. I make stuff with love and without hurry.


We're based in Vilnius, a capital of our beautiful country Lithuania, we sell on internet only.


Why wooden cubes?

I do have wooden bloks for a very long time. At the year 198something Hedgehogs father bought large atlas of letters, from a coworker carpenter got some wooden blanks. He cut them into blocks, sanded a bit and glued letters on. This was a gift for me and my sister.

From all the toys I had wooden blocks are the ones I've used longest and do remember best. If honestly - I don't remember many toys at all, but cubes stand out. Now I'm a father too, who cares what does his child remembers, so I'm making wooden cubes:)


You'd like something to ask or just say hi?

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